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RCAF Station Estevan

General Information

Base / Station:  Estevan


Dates of Operation or Period of Information:

  • 27 April 1942 – 11 Feb 1944


Unit Duties / Information: 

Aircraft Flown:  Anson

Commanding Officers:

Financial Impact:

Date / Reason for Closure: 11 Feb 44, reduced need for aircrew

Site Evolution:

  • The Publication On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) lists the Aerodrome as “Estevan” – See photos on this page.

Current Status:  aerodrome was completely removed and the site is now an open pit mine.

RCAF Aerodrome Estevan, Saskatchewan. Image from the RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases circa 1942.

Site Plan – November 1941

On Track – 1978

On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978)
Estevan Aerodrome (Part 1)
On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) Estevan Aerodrome (Part 2)

Location – Google Map

This location may be slightly off of the actual location of the former airfield. This location is based on the RCAF Pilot’s Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane bases (Shown above)

Station Magazine

Aerial photo of Estevan, Saskatchewan (date unknown) (Photo Courtesy of Harry R. Setch on Facebook)
Aerial Photo of Estevan, Saskatchewan (Circa 1956) (Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan – 56-000-02)


This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No. 38 Service Flying Training School and other sources.  The list likely does not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station Estevan, and likely includes some errors. Currently this list contains 33 personnel. As an additional note the crash of Dakota – 962 occurred at the Estevan Aerodrome after the school was closed. I have included these 21 fatalities even though the men were not stationed to RCAF Station Estevan at the time of the crash.

Aircraft List

Courts Martial

The following personnel were recommended for courts martial and a file was created on the Charged Offence, not all Offences were tried. This list is not complete but I will be working my way through the reels in the upcoming months.

  • Flying Officer Gerald Fitzgerald (RAF-110910)
    • Charged with Fraud related offences
    • Trail Date – 17 June 1943
    • This file is 153 pages.
    • Member was found guilty and sentenced to a severe reprimand and loss of seniority.

Course List
No 38 Service Flying Training School

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