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This site was established in June of 2021. It is in development, please expect it to grow and improve as time progresses. I have a lot to share with those who are interested. I have created a lot of content on Former and Current RCAF Stations. I have many period publications. Have added many of the fatalities that occurred on the various bases in Canada.  I am also involved with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and their Caspir (Canadian Aircraft Serials, Personnel Information Resource) Project. I am always willing to answer questions dealing especially with Second World War Air Force Training (BCATP) in Canada.

I will work on adding a contact form here in the near future. Otherwise facebook is a great place to contact me the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada Group or the RCAF.Info groups  are great contact forums.  Also feel free to add a comment on the pages that have a comment section… I am working on revamping older pages to have comment sections added.


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