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RCAF Station High River

General Information

Base / Station: High River

Province: Alberta

Dates of Operation or Period of Information:  1921-44


  • Air Board
    • Air Board aircraft and pers
    • no unit designation
    • Aircraft Flown:
      • DH-4
  • No.2 Ops Sqn
    • formed July 1925
    • the units roles were:
      • photography
      • mapping and
      • forestry patrols;
    • placed on care & maintenance status on 1 April 1931 and not reformed
    • Aircraft Flown:
      • DH-4,
      • Avro 522,
      • Avro 504
  • No.5 Elementary Flying Training School
    • Moved from Lethbridge, Alberta – 28 June 1941
    • Reformed as part of the “Shadow Organization (Reserve)” – 31 March 1945
    • Aircraft Flown
      • Tiger Moth,
      • Cornell
      • Pigeons (?)
  • Relief Landing Field – Frank Lake

Commanding Officers:

  • Major Croil  1921-23
  • Squadron Leader Cuffe 1923-27
  • Flight Lieutenant Collis 1927-28
  • Flight Lieutenant Walsh 1928-31
  • **airfield closed until 1941**

Financial Impact:

Date / Reason for Closure: 

  • 1 April 1931, placed on care & Maintenance status for budgetary reasons
  • 15 December 1944 reduced requirement for aircrew

Current Status: unknown, probably abandoned

RCAF Aerodrome High River, Alberta.
Image from the
RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases
circa 1942.

Location – Google Map

Station Magazine

School was moved from Lethbridge, Alberta effective 28 June 1941.


This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School and other sources. The list may not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station High River. With input from various sources, so far there were 16 deaths of service personnel that were stationed at High River.

9 July 1941

  • LAC James Wiley Daly
  • Sgt John Arnold Malin

18 July 1941

  • LAC Frederick Fernaley Saunders Oldham

4 November 1941

  • Sgt Harvey Graham Hayes

29 December 1941

  • LAC Kenneth Keith McLaughlin

12 Feb 1942

  • Sgt George Hollands Campbell
  • LAC Donald James Dawson

19 Feb 1942

  • LAC Michael Huculak

13 May 1942

  • Sgt Philip Hayne Chapman

10 October 1942

  • LAC Robert Edward Wilson Redwood

6 April 1943

  • LAC Edward William Roberts Bolton

12 June 1943

  • P/O George Sinclair
  • LAC George William Lindsay

3 August 1943

  • F/O Edward Willis Davidson
  • LAC Kenneth Arthur Ing

3 April 1944

  • P/O James Oliver Christie, DFC

Aircraft List

Course List – No 5 Elementary Flying Training School

Notable Alumni

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  1. Kevin Hughes

    My father J.W. Hughes (1803474) went to No.5 EFTS in High River, No.10 SFTS in Dauphin, No.5 B & G in Dafoe and No.1 CNS in Rivers.
    I am currently digitalising my late father’s flying log books and photo album of his ‘Canadian holiday’ Would you be interested in having copies of the log books or photos?
    Kind regards,

    1. Nathan Kachur

      I would absolutely be interested in seeing your father’s documents and photos… If you are on Facebook I would also encourage you to share them in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada group. I am a little backlogged on data entry but I would love to figure out what course numbers you father participated on. I am starting to document course nominal roles and other data to help others figure out their family histories. Have you requested your father’s service file from the library and archives of Canada? It is a great resource to track your father’s RCAF roles. Thank you for reaching out.

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