No 36 (RAF) Operational Training Unit
Course List

This course list documents courses conducted at No 36 (RAF) Operational Training Unit,

Greenwood, Nova Scotia.

This unit was later redesignated No 8 Operational Training Unit

This List is incomplete and will be enhanced as my time permits and as requests are received.

Course NumberStart DateGraduation DateNumber of Students

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  1. Rachel

    Hello, thanks for creating this very useful website. I am researching my grandfather, Charles Henry Harper (RAF 153382), who I believe trained on No. 7 Mosquito course, which began on the 18th of September 1943 at No. 36 Operational Training Unit (OTU) at RAF Station Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Any information about this course would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  2. John Nicholson

    My Father, Dr. E.S.Nicholson, an RAF Doctor, brought my mother and me to Greenwood in 1942 and we returned to the UK in 1944/5. My son now lives near Digby and drove me to Middleton to try and find our house on Nictaux West, without success, unfortunately. Do you happen to have any records identifying my father’s service at Greenwood and a specific record of where we lived. It would be a great pleasure to me, at the age of 83 to be able find a bit more about our time there.

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