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RCAF Station Victoriaville

General Information

Base / Station: Victoriaville


Dates of Operation:


  • No 3 Initial Training School
    • Formed: 24 March 1941
    • Disbanded: 10 November 1944


  • Was located in the seminary, the Collège du Sacré-Coeur in Victoriaville. The building was demolished in the early 1980’s. The ITS in Victoriaville was housed in a Catholic seminary – lectures were given in the church while the trainees lived in the seminary building.


Aircraft Flown:

  • N/A

Financial Impact:

Commanding Officers:

Date / Reason for closure:

Current Status:


  • Not/ Applicable

Location – Google Map

This is the approximate location of the former school, please contact in the comments below if you have more precise coordinates.

Station Magazine


January (at end of file)

February (at end of file)

March (at end of file)

April (at end of file)

May (at end of file)

June (at end of file)

July (at end of file)

August (at end of file)

September (at end of file)

October (at end of file)

November (at end of file)


This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No 3 Initial Training School and other sources.  The list likely does not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station Victoriaville, and likely includes some errors. Currently this list contains 4 personnel.

6 November 1943

5 December 1943

Notable Alumni

Aircraft List

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