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RCAF Station Moisie
Pinetree Line Radar Station

Base / Station:

  • Moisie


Dates of Operation or Period of Information:


Unit Duties / Information:

Aircraft Flown:

  • N/A

Commanding Officers:

Financial Impact:

Date / Reason for closure:

PL-144794 – Aerial view of RCAF Station Moisie, Quebec. (National Defence Image)
ISC81-2579 – A picturesque view of CFS Moisie, Quebec. (National Defence Image)

Location – Google Map

this appears to be a likely location for the former station. If anyone would like to provide additional feedback please reach out via the facebook group. The group is located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/235286608052061 or comment below.

Photo Gallery

ISC81-2585 – Aerial view of CFS Moisie, Quebec’s, radar set. (National Defence Image)

Station Magazine

Notable Alumni –

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  1. Larry McKay AKA Curley

    Picture location looks fine. I was there in 1963 as a fire fighter.

  2. Henri Maher

    In 1969, the Moisïe CO’s name was Santarelli. Can’t recall his rank and first name though. I was AFP. From 67 to 69, I had a Sgt Dodsworth and Sgt John MacLeod. Could be McLeod. Cpl. Dave Jonhson. I was Cpl. I remember lots of faces, sorry, don’t remember all the names.

    Left the R.C.A.F. to join the Sept-Iles Police Force where I made a career.

    Thanks for this site. I love it. Keep it up.

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