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RCAF Station Pendleton

General Information

Location/Base: Pendleton

Province: Ontario

Years in Use:


  • No 10 Elementary Flying Training School
    • sponsor- Hamilton Aero Club
    • Moved from Mount Hope (Hamilton), Ontario – 31 August 1942
    • Disbanded – 15 September 1944
    • Aircraft flown:
      • de Haviland Tiger Moth – August 1942 – began being phased out 30 June 1944
      • Fairchild Cornell – 30 June 1944 – 15 September 1944
      • 1 x Harvard – Post 30 June 1944
      • 1 x Anson – post 30 June 1944
  • After War- a storage site run by Rockcliffe

Commanding Officers:

Financial Impact:

Date/Reason for Closure:

Site Evolution

  • The Publication On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) lists the Aerodrome as “Pendleton” – See photos on this page.

Current Status: 

  • One hanger in use by the Gatineau Gliding Club. (Facebook post 18 Apr 2015)
  • One hanger sold to a nearby community, now an arena.(comments in facebook post above)
RCAF Aerodrome Pendleton, Ontario.
Image from the
RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases
circa 1942.

Training Area Map – No 10 Elementary Flying Training School

Site Plan – No 10 Elementary Flying Training School, Pendleton, Ontario. Source Canadiana.ca

On Track – 1978

On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) Pendleton Aerodrome (Part 1)
On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) Pendleton Aerodrome (Part 2)

Location – Google Map

Station Magazine


No 10 EFTS moved from Mount Hope (Hamilton), Ontario on 31 August 1942.

For the Daily Diary index for No 10 EFTS please see RCAF Station Mount Hope.







This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No. 10 Elementary Flying Training School and other sources.  The list likely does not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station Pendleton, and likely includes some errors. Currently this list contains 16 personnel.

Notable Alumni

Aircraft List

Course List
No 10 Elementary Flying Training School

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  1. James Anderson

    I know we have discussed this before but I am having difficulty understanding why Tiger Moths are not listed as aircraft used
    In the daily diaries posted the month end statements starting with August 1942 to June 30 1944 it would appear the only aircraft flown is the Tiger Moth
    The Cornell began appearing in the daily dairies month end statement June30 1944 when the RCAF took over full operation of # 10 EFTS Pendleton
    I cannot find any mention of the Fleet Finch in the dairies The only other aircraft I can find in the daily dairies are Harvard (1) and Anson (1 storage) and these two aircraft appear after June 30 1944

    1. Nathan Kachur

      James, Thank you for pointing out an error in the data that I started this project with. I have been correcting items and adding new material as I find it… but there is always stuff that gets missed. I will correct this error momentarily and thank you again.

  2. Ian Dudley

    This great to see this site, I have been flying out of Pendleton since the late 80s and have managed to collect a group of pictures that if you are interested in adding to this page I can make arrangements to have pictures sent to you.

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