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RCAF Station Lac du Bonnet

Base / Station: Lac du Bonnet

Province: Manitoba

Period(s) of Use: 1926-1937

 Units: The station at Lac du Bonnet was created in 1926 as a replacement for the base located at Victoria Beach. This site was chosen as a replacement as it was better sheltered from the weather than was the station at Victoria Beach and, being located only 60 km to the southeast, could still maintain forest protection services for the region. The personnel at Lac du Bonnet also continued carrying out topographical surveys.
As with the other units present in Manitoba between 1925 and 1927, one of the duties of the station at Lac du Bonnet was to collect spores for the Department of Agriculture while carrying out their regular patrols.
With the creation of No. 8 General Purpose Squadron at Winnipeg in 1936, the detachment at Lac du Bonnet became the site for a General Purpose Flight.


Commanding Officers:

  • F/L C.L. Trecarten (1933 – Oct 34)

Unit Duties / Information: 

Aircraft Flown: Canadian Vickers Viking, Varuna, Vedette, AVRO 552A, AVRO Viper, DH 60 Moth, Fairchild

Financial Impact: Unknown

Station Magazine/Newspaper:

Date / Reason for closure: The base was originally under the control of the RCAF, however, its duties and control were transferred to the directorate of Civil Government Air Operations in 1927 resulting in the lapse of its service designation. Lac du Bonnet carried on its duties under this new administration, while continuing to be staffed by RCAF personnel.
The detachment at Lac du Bonnet was closed after No. 8 General Purpose Squadron was amalgamated with two No. 7 photographic detachments and moved to Rockcliffe early in 1937. The remaining personnel were then transferred to Winnipeg to provide the basis for No. 2 Equipment Depot.
The land and buildings located at the station were transferred to the Manitoba Provincial Government for use as a relief project. It is unknown whether it was used as such, however, under the agreement reached, the Province would be prepared to vacate the premises on being given reasonable notice to do so. In any case, it was decided that the portion of the completed landing strip would be left as is for use by military and civilian aircraft and would not be used by the proposed relief project. A request was also made by Canadian Airways Ltd. in January 1938 to rent the office building at Lac du Bonnet for use as a radio station.

Site details:

  • Aerodrome:
  • Runways:

Current Status: civilian airfield

Married Quarters: