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RCAF Station Abbotsford

General Overview

Base / Station:   Abbotsford

Province: British Columbia

Dates of Operation or Period of Information:  

Integral Units: 

  • No. 24 Elementary Flying Training School 1943-4
  • No. 5 Operational Training Unit Detachment

Unit Duties / Information:

Aircraft Flown:

Commanding Officers:

  • Squadron Leader M. Gain (formation – 24 April 1944)
  • Squadron Leader G.E. Kerley (24 April 1944 – 20 July 1944)
  • Flight Lieutenant L.S. Milne (20 July 1944 – 29 July 1944)
  • Wing Commander W.A. MacKay, DFC (29 July 1944 – )

Financial Impact:

Date / Reason for Closure:  

Current Status:  

RCAF Aerodrome Abbotsford, British Columbia.
Image from the
RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases
circa 1942.

Location – Google Map

Station Magazine
“Breezy Stuff”

Station Magazine
“The Breeze”

Fatalities –

This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No. 24 Elementary Flying Training School, No 5 Operational Training Unit and other sources. The list may not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station Abbotsford. I want to provide a special thanks to Michael DesMazes whose research has made putting together this list much easier. With input from various sources, so far there were 69 deaths of service personnel that were stationed at Abbotsford.

Aircraft List –

Notable Alumni


  • There is mention in early November 1943 in the school daily diary of the death of Mr L.J. Martin, who may have been the General Manager of No 24 Elementary Flying Training School. I need to look into this more. He is mentioned as the Station Manager on 18 September 1943.

Course List – No 24 Elementary Flying Training School

This List should be complete now. Course pages will be enhanced as my time permits and as requests are received.

Course NumberStart DateGraduation DateNumber of Students
Course 896 September 194326 October 194325 Graduates
Course 9020 September 194312 November 194338 Graduates
Course 914 October 194326 November 194349 Graduates
Course 9218 October 194324 December 194342 Graduates
Course 931 November 194314 January 194445 Graduates
Course 9415 November 194328 January 194448 Graduates
Course 9613 December 194325 February 194438 Graduates
Course 973 January 194410 March 194433 Graduates
Course 9817 January 194424 March 194440 Graduates
Course 9931 January 19447 April 194438 Graduates
Course 10128 February 19445 May 194435 Graduates
Course 10213 March 194419 May 194429 Graduates
Course 10327 March 19442 June 194432 Graduates
Course 10410 April 194416 July 194436 Graduates
Course 1068 May 194414 July 194444 Graduates
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  • MilitaryBruce.com – Canadian Military History by Bruce Forsyth
  • Aerodrome Disposal File:

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  1. Michael DesMazes

    No. 5 O.T.U. Abbotsford Detachment. A detachment of 5 O.T.U. Boundary Bay which was H.Q. for 5 O.T.U. When Abbotsford was established the majority of the Liberators were sent there from Boundary Bay except for a few needed to train the Air Gunners on the .50 machine guns. Only after the Pilots, NAV’s, Bombaimers, WAG’s and Air Gunners had learned the American equipment on the B-25 Mitchells were they sent to Abbotsford to complete their training as a full crew on B-24 Liberators. No. 24 EFTS was the fourth and last school of the Vancouver Air Training Co. Ltd. (the VATC was also known as The Boundary Bay Flying Training School) The other schools in order were; No. 8 Sea Island, No.18 Boundary Bay and No. 33 Caron Sask.

    1. Nathan Kachur

      Michael, thank you for your contribution. From your posts on Facebook you seems to be one of the leading experts on the coastal (Western) RCAF stations. I value any input you are able to provide as I have been horrible at improving BC to date. I am working on adding some BC radar stations as we speak. Thanks again.

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