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RCAF Station Claresholm

General Information

RCAF Aerodrome Claresholm, Alberta. Image from the RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases circa 1942.

Base / Station: Claresholm

Province: Alberta

Dates of Operation or Period of Information: 

  • 1941-45,
  • 1951-58


  • No. 15 Service Flying Training School
  • No 2 Flying Instructors School
    • Formed as a sub-unit of No 15 Service Flying Training School at Claresholm on 27 April 1942
    • Formed as an Independent Unit at Vulcan, Alberta on 3 August 1942.
    • Moved to Pearce, Alberta on 3 May 1943
    • became inactive on 29 December 1944
    • disbanded on 20 January 1945
    • Aircraft Flown:
      • Various
  • 3 Flying Training School
    • formed 1 Aug 51 as a training unit for NATO aircrew
    • Closed: 25 Aug 58, reduced need for training
    • Aircraft Flown:
      • Harvard,
      • possibly Chipmunk
  • Pilot’s Gunnery School
    • formed
    • Aircraft flown:
      • Harvard
  • Station Flight
    • formed to provide refresher training and inter-base travel
    • Closed 25 Aug 58 with the closing of the station
    • Aircraft flown:
      • Harvard
  • Primary Relief Landing Field – Woodhouse (R1)
  • Secondary Relief Landing Field – Champion (R2)

Commanding Officers: 

  • Wing Commander H.L. Campbell       Jun – Nov 1941
  • Group Captain W.E. Kennedy              Nov 41- Jan 45
  • Squadron Leader C.V. Mark                 Jan-Feb 45
  • Wing Commander R.F. Gladden         Feb-Mar 45
  • Squadron Leader S.A. Bushell            Mar-Apr 45
  • Squadron Leader F.R. Hardy              Apr-May 45
  • Group Captain D.G. Price                    Sep 51-

Financial Impact:

Date / Reason for Closure: 

  • 25 Aug 58 the station was closed

Post RCAF Evolution:

  • The Publication On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) lists the Aerodrome as “Claresholm Indus” – See photos on this page.

Current Status:

civilian airfield, all runways (3 active) and taxiways still exist, most hangars still exist, suspect other base building still exist

On Track – 1978

On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) Claresholm Indus Aerodrome (Part 1)
On Track…the Pilot’s Air Travel Guide (First Annual Edition – 1978) Claresholm Indus Aerodrome (Part 2)

Site Plan – 1942

RCAF Station Claresholm, Alberta (1942)
Source – 1 Canadian Air Division, RCAF
Please click on image to download a PDF copy.

Site Plan – 1952

Site Plan, Claresholm, Alberta
(Circa 1952) (Source 1 Canadian Air Division)
Please click on image to download a PDF copy.

Location – Google Map

Station Magazine
“Windy Wings”

Windy Wings – 1 June 1942 Source Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Brandon, Manitoba has created a transcription of this Daily Diary.
Their web site is AirMuseum.ca


This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No. 15 Service Flying Training School and other sources.  The list likely does not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station Claresholm, and likely includes some errors. Currently this list contains 26 personnel.

Aircraft List

Tiger Moth


Course List
No 15 Service Flying Training School

Other Sources:

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  1. Mike

    My late father trained on Harvards in 51 with 3 FTS here. I have several photos available

  2. Kevin Kibbe

    My father served here in the late 50’s. Was there a station magazine for that time period?

    1. Nathan Kachur

      I have to this date not come across any but I would not be surprised if there was. If ever I come across any from the later years and can get them digitized I will add them.


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