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RCAF Station Dunnville

General Information

Location/Base: Dunnville

Province: Ontario


  • located between town of Dunnville and village of Port Maitland on north shore of Lake Erie
  • det of Marine Section, Trenton operated out of Port Maitland starting 29 Apr 1944 under WO 2 Brunton- 42 ft crash boat

Years in Use: 25 November 1940 – 1946


Aircraft Types:

  • No 6 SFTS
    • Harvard (II, IIB),
    • Yale,
    • Ansons (MkII)
RCAF Aerodrome Dunnville, Ontario.
Image from the RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases circa 1942.

Commanding Officers:

  • Group Captain Allan S. Hull- 25 Nov ’40-13 Feb ’42
  • Wing Commander Valance H. Patriarche 13 Feb ’42-Dec ’43 (?)
  • Wing Commander A. Dean Nesbit, DFC
    • December 1943 (?) – 15 March 1944
  • Wing Commander Harry Byrant
    • 15 March 1944 – 16 June 1944
  • Squardron Leader Johnny Jordan 16 June ’44-26 June ’44
  • Group Captain Gerald E. Nash 26 June ’44-11 Oct ’44
  • Wing Commander Johnny Jordan 11 Oct ’44-1 Dec ’44

Financial Impact:

Date/Reason for Closure:

Current Status:


Site Plan – 1951

RCAF Station Dunnville, Ontario (1951)
Source – 1 Canadian Air Division, RCAF
If you would like a PDF Copy Please Click to Download.

Location – Google Map

Photo Gallery

Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Memorial Plaque, Dunnville Airport.
Facebook Photo from John Bond

Station Magazine

Operational Record Book – Links – No. 6 Service Flying Training School


This list was compiled from the entries in the Daily diaries of No 6 Service Flying Training School and other sources.  The list likely does not include all fatalities of personnel who died while stationed at RCAF Station Dunnville, and likely includes some errors. Currently this list contains 45 personnel.

Aircraft List






Course List – No 6 Service Flying Training School

This List is incomplete and will be enhanced as my time permits and as requests are received.

Course NumberStart DateGraduation DateNumber of Students
Course 347 October 194160 Graduates
Course 9020 September 194311 February 194453 Graduates
Course 9218 October 194310 March 194455 Graduates
Course 9415 November 19436 April 194445 Graduates

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    Thank-you for your assistance.

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