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Requesting copies of Microfilmed
Documents and Photos from the
Library and Archives of Canada

After spending many many days looking through the Microfilm Reels of Daily Diaries housed on the the website https://heritage.canadiana.ca/ is have found a few things. Very occasionally they may miss capturing a page when a document is stapled to a backer paper. The other big one is that photographs and magazines are not captured in a way that allows greyscale pictures to be viewed in a way that makes them legible. I have sent a couple of queries’ to the LAC on how to get copies as the original documents were not destroyed when the microfilms were created.

The have been very helpful and I will document what they told me.

I was working on creating some course pages for some of the graduating classes of No 17 Service Flying Training School, Souris, Manitoba. The school was nice enough to add copies of the Graduation Banquet Menu for a lot of their courses and these programs usually have a nominal roll for the graduating class on the rear leaf of the Menu. This particular menu can be found at


The response I was provided goes as follows:

“In order to obtain a reproduction, you can complete the order form at the following link:

“Order form for copies”


Please provide the following as your complete reference:

Title: No. 17 Service Flying Training School, Souris, Man

Reference Number: RG24-E-7, Vol. 22750, originals

In the “Special Instructions” field, please include the following: Copy from the original document that can be found on image 1048 of microfilm reel C-12351, back leaflet only (Wings Banquet, COURSE 94, No. 17 Service Flying Training School, Souris, Manitoba, the blue room, April 3rd, 1944).

email from the Library and Archives of Canada.

As you can see they want a lot of detail. I finally submitted this request in early March 2024 and a few weeks later I received an invoice for $0.45 CAD. I paid the invoice and received a download link. This is the scanned page from the document, I received.

Rear Leaf of Graduation Program (Source Library and Archives of Canada, No 17 Service Flying Training School Daily Diary, Souris, Manitoba, RG24-E07, Vol 22750, originals, 12 March 2024.)

I was recently attempting to assist in researching a RAF member who remustered to Pilot near the end of the Second World War. Is service file is a little confusing as he was posted several times to various stations in and around Manitoba. No 33 Service Flying Training School, Carberry. No 7 Bombing & Gunnery School, Paulson then no further postings are mentioned. but he did complete pilot training mid December 1945 and his daughter provided a photo from his collection of 3 cranes flying in formation. Checking the serial numbers it appears that all 3 flew out of No 12 Service Flying Training School, Brandon and the School Daily Diary contains photographs for Course 113 that graduated on or about the date that her father was presented his wings. Unfortunately there is no Nominal Roll of this course. The course photo is shown at the following link on Canadiana:


I messaged the Library and Archives on the best method to request copies of these photos… this is their response.

In order to obtain a digital reproduction of this image in a higher resolution, you can complete the “Order form for copies” at the following link: https://reproduction.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng.

Please provide the following as your complete references:

  • Title: “Graduation Course No. 113” and “Presentation of Wings”

Reference Number: “No. 12 Service Flying Training School, Brandon”, Department of National Defence fonds, Appendix “A”, Number 12 S.F.T.S., 25th January 1945, reel C-12349, page 686, https://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_reel_c12349/686

email from the Library and Archives of Canada

They also provided some additional information:

Select Art, Maps, or Photographs (Digital Copies) – and make sure to note in the request that the online versions are not clear and that is why you are requesting copies.

email from the Library and Archives of Canada

Regarding resolution, 300 dpi is standard; if you require higher resolution than that, or a specific format, you can add that information in the “Special Instructions” field. I also recommend specifying that both the microfilm and online versions are not visible and that you are seeking to obtain copies of the original photographs.

For information regarding prices, time frames and delivery for various types of material, please see the following page of our website: https://library-archives.canada.ca/eng/services/public/copy-services/order-copies-online/Pages/ordering-copies-online.aspx#step-4.

Copyright permissions and restrictions, if any, will be handled as part of your copy order.

Please note that when copyright is expired and there are no additional restrictions, you can use images from the collection without any further permissions. We simply ask that you give credit to our institution so that the image can be easily traced. The following page of our website explains how to cite LAC material:

Citing LAC material


email from the Library and Archives of Canada

I will be submitting the request shortly and will post the product here when it arrives.