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North American - Harvard - 2790

Serial Number: 2790

Designer: North American


basic designation: Harvard

variant or model: Mk. II

company designation: NA-66

company number: 66-2524

first date: 10 January 1941 – Taken on strength


last date: 11 November 1941 – Struck off

Most of the above information from RWR Walkers website at http://www.rwrwalker.ca/RCAF_2750_2799_detailed.html

Operational Record Book:

Crash Card Information - 27 April 1941

Duty on which engaged:

  • Night flying circuits and landings.

Nature of accident and Stage of Flight:

  • Crash occured just after the take-off. The pilot took off and climbed to appoximately 300 feet and then went into a steep right hand turn, lost height and struck the ground with his starboard wing after he had turned approximately 120 degrees.

Primary Cause:

  • The artificial horizon may not have been functioning correctly. If so the right wing dropped while the artificial horison still showed the aircraft level and slightly below the horizon. The pupil eased the control column back to bring the miniature aerplane slightly above the horizon, which in fact, caused the aircraft to turn, and the nose to drop until the starboard wing struck the ground. There was no moon and the horizon was almost non-existent. 

Secondary cause or contributing factors:


Court of inquiry, investigating officer or commanding officer’s report:

  • Narrative report of the commanding officer.
    • G/C H.E. Walker

Court of Inquiry:

Date: 29-4-41


  • President     S/L G. duTemple
  • Member       F/L H. Ricketts
  • Member       R.W.C. Sharpe


  • That more importance be given to the turn and bank indicator for night takeoffs instead of the artificial horizon. Note AFHQ considers this a very plausable suggestion and will go more thoroughly into the matter.

Action Taken:

  • Nil